Usotsuki wa dareda.

 "Even though I dislike being kicked by others,
I do enjoy the feeling of kicking others."
- Sebastian Michaelis, Black Butler.
Tihihihi <3

Black Butler.

"I am simply one hell of a butler."

- Sebastian Michaelis, Black Butler.

Sakura gari.

"Sakura Gari is a Taishou era story, ten years in the making. It centers around the 16 year old Tagami Masataka as he is aiming to find his place in life. While attempting to start prep school as a rounin he encounters Saiki Souma, the son of a distinguished noble of the Saiki family and becomes part of the Saiki household. Little did Masataka know that he would be getting involved in a dysfunctional household filled with heartache, misery and pain."

Den här mangan var så himla bra! Men jävligt sorglig, riktigt jävla sorglig.. Varnar känsliga läsare ;)
< Servant, Master >


One by one..
We're snipping the thin wires that have been wound thigtly throughout our bodies.
When it's impossible to do so alone, you borrow someone's strenght.
And then one day..
You'll stretch your hand into that dazzling sky..
One day..
Your dreams will be blue and endless.
- Cut manga, Chapter 5.

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